Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taking Time to Observe Divided White Light

Taking time to observe gifts of light . . . how they stretch and morph. 

 Divided white light creating full spectrum shooting rainbows. 

While outside is a colder white. Happy School Vacation to many of you heading to warm beaches and family fun. We are up to our necks in snow, writing deadlines and building a new website. Butterflies are fluttering waiting to get out of my external hard drive and on to this page too. Much to do! 


Eva said...

Dear Carol—Your mosaic is wonderful. It's the most sublime contrast to all the snow outside. Good luck with all your creative irons in the fire. I love the idea of the butterflies fluttering and waiting.

Tammie Lee said...

so fun to imagine your butterflies fluttering ;-)

lovely rainbows
and white snow
looks like my world too

sweet week to you ~

RobinL said...

I've always had such a fondness for rainbows! But mostly I noticed how deep the snow is there, covering the seats of your patio chairs. Isn't it hard to believe that you will be sitting there once again?

Esther Montgomery said...

A butterfly expert was saying on the radio this morning that last year the butterfly population in England showed a remarkable come-back after a decline, with some which used to be common but were becoming rare showing up again. Unfortunately, she said the warm winter is bringing overwintering butterflies out too early now - searching for flowers which aren't yet there.

Sarah Laurence said...

We just got lots of snow too. I can see why you're looking for bright colors elsewhere - cool prism shots!

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