Monday, February 10, 2014

February Sunrise with Avian Surprise

February sunrises paint the sky in layers of lovely soft lavenders and mauves. Our steady wobbling and tilting towards the sun gives us a few more minutes of light each day. We are happy for it. 

The Mount Holyoke range reclines beneath purple pastel washes, shadows and fuzzy lines.

A delightful surprise perching within one of our strong oaks. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks. I see these stately raptors, sometimes daily, resting high in the upper limbs but never before two at a time. Looking out the barn studio windows at just the right moment often brings such joyous sightings.

The five year mark just flew by for my Flower Hill Farm blog, and as it turns five years old there are changes going on behind the scenes. Our new website will hopefully be launched soon. Working with my builder is a lot of work and a great distraction, which is why there are not as many postings here of late. It is exciting too, and I look forward to sharing it soon. 

Meanwhile, best wishes for an inspiring February. 


Tammie Lee said...

i agree, a few minutes more light each day is a wonderful thing. seasons turning inspiring yearning for flowers and colors so spring.

so lovely to see your photos and majestic birds. wishing you the best developing your new site!

Eva said...

Fitst of all, your 'header" has a magical aura about it. I found myself unable to move from it . . . being pulled right inside. And seeing Flower Hill Farm in February is a joy—always so different from scenes in the valley.

Best of luck in completing your new website. I wait with great anticipation.

Sarah Laurence said...

I love the subtle violets in your sunrise and those red tail photos - wow! We're due for another foot of snow tomorrow and I'm guessing you are too. Happy February!

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